Monday, January 21, 2013

♡My First Post♡

Welcome to my blog! (。’▽’。)♡
First, thank you for visiting my blog. Actually, i already made some blog too before.
but, because of my stupidness, i forgot the email & password for log in. hahah.. ( ̄ω ̄;)

well, enough to know one of my stupidness.. lol~ ヽ(´▽`;)/♪
My name is Keiri (not my real name, but please call me keiri here.. :p) I am an Indonesian.
Now, I am a Japanese Literature student at a private university in Indonesia. I am in love with Japan! and will always be! (*≧▽≦)
It is not that i don't love my own country. But well yeah, for me, Japan is the ideal country that i always wish i can live in.

I almost like all about Japan! Their Fashion, culture, songs, lifestyle, and of course their entertainment world (actor/artist/singer)!!  (´ω`★)
But, not all is always good and perfect.. Because, everything have a good and a bad side.. I always try to take the good point from Japan and try to apply it in my life. (well, it is so hard..hahah..) (  ̄д ̄;)
Enough about myself.. LOL~
If i have much time, through this blog, i will try to update about my daily life, what i like, news about Japan(maybe), about my favorite artist, about fashion that i like, Japanese dramas, my recommendation of Jpop songs + lyrics, and many other things about Japan.. I try to write all with English Language. Sorry if my English is bad (lol).
And also, i will try to write it with Japanese language too, if my Japanese language already become more improve than now..

Don't hesitate to give a comment. Even it is a critic or advice! i will be happy to hear it!

If you'd like to share/post it, please kindly credit me as keirininoo

Once again, thank you for visit! I wish you enjoy reading my blog. Have a nice day!
Thank You

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