Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Do you like dancing or singing? Do you like ballad or upbeat songs? Do you think only Korea or America that have the best entertainment???
Of course not! Japan have so many talented singer and dancer.. And of course their songs are great too! Japanese songs or as know as J-Pop, have their own unique side that other country don't have it. Their song's genre is various, the song's lyrics have a deep meaning (usually expressing about relationship with family, friends or lovers, and also about life, feelings of gratitude, etc..).
But sadly, they are not too popular outside Japan.. 

Okay~! I want to tell you one of the best vocal and dance group in Japan, EXILE...
They are a 14-member all-male Japanese pop dance group. Which is 2 of the member is the main vocalist, and the rest of the member is the dancer/performer.
I bet you ever heard about them if you are a J-pop freak. Or maybe you ever see them at a variety show? Well.. i think when you saw them at the first time, you don't believe it and you don't feel they are not interesting.. (I'm one of them before.. lol)
But yeah~! Their looks and what they did, makes you think "unbelievable~!"  
because almost all the member is about 27 - 43 years old!! XD
But their dance and their body is still good and nice like young age people~!! lol~!
Now, i will not talking too much.. I'm afraid you will get bored to read my words.. hahaha! ヽ(´▽`;)/
Here is the profile of EXILE..
from left to right: P = Performer, Vo = Vocalist 
NAOKI(P/28), USA(P/35), KENCHI(P/33), MATSU(P/37), NAOTO(P/29), TAKAHIRO(Vo/28), SHOKICHI(P & Vo/27), HIRO(Leader, P/43), TETSUYA(P/31), ATSUSHI(Vo/32), 
NESMITH(P & Vo/29), MAKIDAI(P/37), KEIJI(P/33), AKIRA(P/31). 

This is only their basic information. If you'd like to check out more about them, you can go to their official website at: http://exile.jp/index.html
or Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exile_%28Japanese_band%29

If you'd like to try listening to their songs, or want to download their single/album,
go to here: http://exile-ti-amo.livejournal.com/
(please support by buying their original products!)

For recommendation, EXILE's songs that maybe you'd like to hear first:
1. Lovers Again
2. Ti Amo
3. Each Other's Way ~旅の途中~
4. Choo Choo Train
5. Rising Sun

If you want to try watch one of their Music Video,
go to here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1y6zfXFwNAE

Well then! Thank you for visiting my blog! I wish the information that I give, can be useful and help you to know more about Japanese songs, or falling in love with EXILE. XD

Thank You

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