Saturday, June 22, 2013

Washi Ningyou 3D - 3Dの和紙人形 (Japanese Paper Doll 3D)

Anyone like Art & Craft, especially Dolls?
In Japan, there is a doll made of a simple tools. But, it doesn't make the beauty from it disappear.
What is it? It is Washi Ningyou.
Maybe you ever hear about it. Or even have it.
But what I'm going to talk about here is Washi Nngyou 3D.
It is a doll made from white cork balls for the head and thick cartoon for the body but it can easily to be fold into a cylinder shape. There is a measurement for kimono design.There are various design for washi ningyou 3D that you can make it as you like.

Here is the equipment that we need to make Washi Ningyou 3D:

  • 1 White cork ball
  • Washi paper
  • Kimono design for front and back side
  • Thick carton that have a cylinder shape
  • Glue, i used UHU
  • 1 Cotton bud for taking the glue
  • Black crepe paper for the hair
  • and a tissue bundle that we will put into the cylinder carton so the dolls wont be falling.

At Bunka Taiken class, I made one of it, and surprisingly, my Washi Ningyou 3D was chosen as the most neat one. I'm so happy, because that's the first time for me to be chosen like that. If I have time later, I want to try to make it my own self again. hahaha.. (─‿‿─)


Thank You

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